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FRSC Dashboard Brief

The Dashboard is a weekly Executive Summary of FRSC operation which provides a concise report of activities of all components of the Corps. The concept is based on the need for FRSC Management to keep abreast of the workings and happenings within the Corps on weekly basis.Dashboard in FRSC commenced in week 20 of 2009

Management uses the Dashboard for the following purposes:

Prioritizeimportant information

Evaluation of specific job accomplishment(s)

Identification of peculiar task encumbrance.

Identification of prevailing and emerging trends.

General stock taking on Corps operations

Periodic briefs to the Government and members of the public.

Specific and general directives.

Policy shift and formulation

The FRSC Dashboard is avaliable only to people who have been given access to update data, amend data or view reports. You will only be able to view areas that you need to work on.

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